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January 29, 2021

Ensure Company Policies and Forms Acknowledgement during Employee Onboarding

Gathering and organizing employee information in the forms such as Contract forms, Background check disclosure forms is a valuable and regular task for any HR team. Similarly, making employees aware of various company policies such as Leave Policy, Attendance Policy, Laptop Policy is equally important during employee onboarding.

To facilitate the process, we have modified Configure Employee Onboarding Sections page into Employee Onboarding Policy page. We are also happy to introduce you to the Acknowledgement required option on the Employee Onboarding Policy page. The acknowledgment required option allows you to configure the policies and forms that must be acknowledged by employees during onboarding.

The acknowledgment required configuration option helps you to:

  • Outline the opportunities and benefits provided by the company to the employees.
  • Inform the employees about company policies and forms.
  • Configure company policies and forms that require ‘Acknowledgement’ to be part of employee onboarding.
  • Collect the information and the acknowledgment in one space.
  • Auto-update acknowledged and verified company policies/forms in Employee Documents.

To learn more about the acknowledgment of company policies and forms during the employee onboarding process, you can read our knowledge base.

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